Pakistan Promotion Office - what is it about?

The idea of the Pakistan-Promotion-Office started in 2010 while a brainstorming session with fomer ambassador of Pakistan, Mr. Shahid Kamal and Dr. Uwe Greier. Booth looked together for an opportunity, to show the other, more positive and less known side of Pakistan to the media as well as to the population of the German speaking countries.
In order to meet the options of the new media and communicative devices the Pakistan-Promotion-Office has not been setup as a repesentative ground floor offic, but as a virtual, online office. After a conception phase, the website went online in summer 2011.


Informationen about Pakistan

It is the traget of the Pakistan-Promotion-Office to provide at this website, information, regarding the country and it people and culture. Further more, publishing news and event information. In this context, you will find a calendar with all upcomming events, which come to know to the Pakistan Promotion Office. These include e.g.

Companies, business contacts and products

Companies have the possibility to introduce their products, services further offerings. ostenpflichtigen Eintrag, listen lassen. In the section business contacts each pakistani and german company and service provider can registerd and displayed, for a small anual fee only. If you need furtehr information regading the business contacts sector, please contact our office.

One Stop Shop für alles rund um Pakistan

Nachdem im Lauf der Zeit alle Ideen und Konzepte auf der Website umgesetzt sein werden, wird das Pakistan-Promotion-Office ein One Stop Shop für alle Belange, rund um Pakistan sein.